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What is API (Application Programming Interface) in java

 What is API in J2EE

java in API
java (J2EE)

API stands for an Application programming interface. it is used for inter-Application communication. API is used for " inter-application communication " i.e one application can communicate with another application with the help of API to achieve loose coupling.

loose coupling means classes are independent of each other.

The backbone of API is Abstraction.

Example of API

Apache POI, Jaxcel, JDBC-API Servlet-API etc.

contents of API's

The contents of API are interface, helper class, and implementation class given in the form of the ".jar" file.

There are two different forms of Api

  1. First form of API.
  1. Second forms of API.

1)  First form of API:-

This form of API contains interfaces, Helper class, implementation class in the form of the .jar file. This form of API is exposed to developers only to write logic or code.
Apache POI, Jaxcel, etc.

2) Second form of API:-

Eg:- JDBC Api, Servlet Api etc


  • JDBC API contains interfaces and Helper Classes in the form of jar file.
  • If i want to develop any JDBC Application, we need JDBC API because it provides several interfaces and Helper Class which is used for database Communication.
  • Implementation classes is provided by the respective DataBase Vendors(Owner).
  •  JDBC API is distributed in 2 different packages

  1.  java.sql
  2. javax.sql

1) javax.sql

 It is an extension of java.sql, it contains several or some additional interfaces than java.sql.

A few of the interfaces of JDBC API are:-
a) Driver
b) Connection
c) Statement
d) PreparedStatement
e) CallableStatement
f) ResultSet

 JDBC API contains only one HelperClass in it...

JDBC Driver:-

  •  JDBC Driver is an implementation of JDBC API.
  • JDBC Driver contains implementation classes.
  • JDBC Driver is always specific to a particular DB Server/Vendor.
  • JDBC Driver is provided by the respective DB Server/Vendor.

Advantage of JDBC:-

We can achieve loose coupling between the java application and db server.

Port Number:-

 port no is the one which helps us to get connected with a particular server.

Oracle ---> 1521
my-sql ---> 3306
ms-sql ---> 1433
Derby ---> 1527

Thursday, August 5, 2021

What is JDK? What is JRE? What is JVM?

What is JDK? What is JRE? What is JVM?

 What is JDK?  What is JRE? What is JVM?

Today we will see what is JDK, JRE, and JVM all these terms and a few more-
    JAVA is high-level programming that is platform-independent. These platforms are what we call it as Laptop, PC, Mobile. Because of JVM. 
To use the JAVA development environment we have to have JDK in our system. 

JDK (JAVA Development Kit):

  • JDK stands for JAVA Development Kit. 
  • It provides an environment to develop and run/execute java byte code.
  • JDK consists of Development tools and JRE.
  • JDK physically exist in our system.

JRE (JAVA Run-Time Environment):

  • JRE stands for JAVA Run-Time Environment.
  • It provides an environment to run/execute java byte code.
  • It consists of JVM and in-built Libraries.
  • JRE physically exists.

JVM (JAVA Virtual Machine):

  • JVM stands for JAVA Virtual Machine.
  • It takes byte code as input and gives binary code as output.
  • JVM is platform dependent but JVM makes JAVA as Platform Independent.
  • JVM has an Interpreter and JIT in it.
  • JVM physically does not exist.


  • The interpreter interprets(Compile and Executes) JAVA byte code line simultaneously.
  • That leads to poor performance.

JIT(Just-in-Time Compiler):

  • JIT stands for Just-in-Time Compiler.
  • It is used to increase the speed of execution
  • It compiles part of byte code having similar functionality.
  • Because of that, it gets a boost in execution speed that also leads to fast execution of the program.
java topics.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

How To become a Java Developer

 Java Learning Path | How To become a Java Developer

Hello everyone welcome to The Technical Talk if you're someone who's looking for a job as a Java developer a someone who's just trying to improve skills in Java you might have a lot of questions in your mind like is it even relevant to learn Java in 2021. however, your career growing Java is too late, and most importantly.

I start from and what is the correct way to go about it. Now if you're looking for answers to these questions you have arrived at the right place.

  I'm going to help you get some clarity on a path that can be of great help in your career growth as a Java developer. In the article topics. 

  1. Why To  Learn Java
  2. Scope and the benefits of various sectors. 
  3. Learning parts to achieve your goals.

So the big question is with so many technologies, frameworks languages that are trending these days, should you still have options for Java? A clear answer to this is yes and there are multiple reasons as to why I see this. 

  1. The first reason is that the market is used for any level, be it fresher and intermediate level. There are a lot of job opportunities for Java developers. 

  1. There are a lot of resources and expediency but in Java, as compared to other languages & frameworks so obviously at the beginning you don't want to get stuck anywhere and if you do these resources are going to help you out in your learning process.

  2. Thread's most important reason is that many of the languages and frameworks are based on Java so once you learn Java learning other things like spring framework kotlin language etc. if you want to shift to any of the technologies at any point of time it is going to be easier after learning Java. So learning Java is still relevant and benefits and has a vast ocean of opportunities. 

Opportunities In Technical Terms

Java developer, the first and the most preferred one is so with that development you 

  1. Server-side /cloud /web application development.  
  2. Android Application development
  3. Desktop application development.
  4. Big data AI and machine learning. 

About these fields first is because once you know the end goal of choosing your career but is easier and choosing what to learn it's clear now Java in big data AI machine learning is still evolving and as a beginner, you might not want to go there. Similarly for desktop applications again scope is limited, to begin with, you can but it might not turn out to be an ideal choice so we are left with two choices your android development and server-side development I know it has you would score with many promising career opportunities. Android needs to learn  Kotlin or Java language and android APIs obviously are the ideal option again is to learn Java first and Kotlin then deep dive into android.

So first and foremost If you're completely new you have to start with core Java concerts right from the basics like starting with setting up Java, understanding what is an IDE, choosing your ideal IDE mostly preferred is eclipse so you have to understand these concepts first. 

 then the next step is to get your hands dirty on eclipse.

Play around eclipse IDE see how things work. after which you have to focus on how Java works with the processor compiler JVM etc. Once you know this part start understanding the syntax that means the building blocks of any programming language that does data types variables operators etc. then take some time to understand the object-oriented concepts like inheritance polymorphism and so on in detail then we come to major concepts that are used in real-time projects like collection framework multithreading exception handling and so on.

Now why you're doing this, one important thing you must do is practice the court. Remember practice is a must and a good developer is good at his development skills because he has done a lot of practice. It is important to develop your logic by practicing. 

Friday, July 16, 2021

java project idea and topics

 Java Project Idea And Topics 

Java projects after completing that graduation in software engineering every aspiring  Java developer is faced with the question what to do next our answer to that is stop looking for Java project ideas to build your own Java projects so on a few Java projects that beginners can work on. 

java language
java logo 

1) Airline Reservation System

 One of the best ideas to start experimenting on is the airline reservation system. Posted online the reservation system is a web-based Java project it is a comprehensive passenger processing system that includes invent free fast the ticket operations and online transactions.

Airline Reservation System
Airline Reservation System

 The main features of the airline reservation system our reservation on cancellation of airline tickets automation of airline system functions perform transaction and management and routing functions offer quick responses to customize maintain passenger records and reports on daily business transactions this integrated and non-reservation management application features an open architecture that encourages the addition of new systems and functionalities this means that the app can be tweaked to keep up with the dynamic needs of the airline business. 

2) Course Management System

 The courses the management system is an online management software application designed for educational institutions the primary goal of the project is to facilitate seamless interaction between students and instructors in schools colleges and universities concerning the submission of project assignments thesis  and receiving feedback from instructors. this project has

Three interlinked modules 

Course Management System
Course Management System

a) Administrator Models

This model is designed exclusively for managing administrative functions like creating accounts for students on instructors creating the curriculum, coating the subjects managing the employee's payroll so on. 

b)Students modules

 This model is designed for the usage of students they can log into their accounts to view that goes like summit data projects get feedback from instructors etcetera 

c) Instructor model 

this model is for instructors who can log into that account and check the project submitted by the students communicate with the students and offer guidance to them as we mentioned earlier this project aims to promote the sharing of information between instructors and students via the internet. 

3) Data Visualization Software 

Data Visualization Software java
Data Visualization Software

Data visualization refers to the visual representation of data. Either in a graphical or pictorial format this data visualization project is all about providing an overview of the design and implementation techniques in data visualization the objectives of this project  are to deliver precise and effective communication of the insights hidden in the data to appropriate graphical or pictorial representations to offer relevant insights into complex datasets to can the idea as effectively to stimulate the viewer's attention and engagement why communicating accurate information.

4) Electricity Billing System 

This project is a modern version of the traditional electricity billing system the main focus of this Java project is to computerize the electricity billing system to make it more seamless accessible and efficient the software to calculates the units consumed within specific time duration and accordingly calculates the amount of money that has to be paid for those units the following features make the electricity billing system more service oriented and straight forward it features high performance along with accuracy it allows for seamless data sharing between the electricity office on customers it is protected by high-security measures and controls.

Electricity Billing System
Electricity Billing System

 it includes the necessary provisions for debugging unlike the conventional billing system this computerized software does not require a large number of human employees to handle and manage the process of degeneration once it is installed on the system it will automatically calculate the units consumed and the bills from time to time and will also provide the meter readings to each customer you can continue to add new features in the system as an admin user requirements change.

 5) E-Healthcare Management System

 The healthcare management system is a web a based project that seeks to provide effective management of employee data and medical data of patients and hospitals and clinics data mining techniques lie at the core of this project which consists of two modules administration model and a client module  why the administration module is concerned with Medicare management.

E-Healthcare Management System
 E-Healthcare Management System

 That includes healthcare departments doctors nurses ward and clerks the client models for patients in many ways business intelligence is revolutionizing healthcare the key features of the health care management system establishes a clear line of contact on communication between doctors and patients,

 It accurately analyzes usage percentage of the hospital resources including laboratory equipment that occupation ratio administration medicines etc. it leverages the CRISP-DM (standard cross industry process for data mining) creating an accurate and effective management system it eliminates the problems of missing data and incorrect data Through these  features of  the E-Health care management system will help overcome the drawbacks and challenges of the existing healthcare management system it will allow for the smooth management of hospital staff and put in the process of delivery of healthcare services.

6) Email Client Software 

So why not use your skills to develop impressive Java-based projects on an email system this project is an email program designed for sending and receiving electronic mail in the project you will use the standard sockets on networking along with Java mail API there are two main protocols used in the project SMTP and POP 3 the project functions something like this the ISPs (internet service provider) mail server handles.  

The email sent from an ISP all the sent emails first come to the server after which they are processed and forwarded to the connect as a destination where another mail service located the main server on the collective side receives the incoming emails and salts them electronically in the box now the recipient can use that email application to view the received emails the entire transaction occurs by directly connecting to the mail server  through the program which makes it much safer than the existing made fine software mail. 

7) Library Management System

This software is implemented in Java using MS access database design. It is designed for managing and maintaining libraries any educational institution through an integrated computerized system the library management software but allow librarians to operate more productively while handling the typical day-to-day tasks. by using the software application librarians and students need not search the entire library to find a book to get into the name and author of the book and the system will display the list of all the possible books available for that search keyword or phrase. 

8) Network Packet Sniffer 

A network packet sniffer as a packet analyzer softback useful monitoring network traffic it is a web based Java application that facilitates of web-based monitoring for network packets traveling across the system network unlike standard network coasts that only tried the traffic sent exclusively to them the software application captures each market and the code set for analysis of the data streamflow across the network some of the most commendable features of the software application are 247 networks monitoring real-time packet capturing advanced protocol analyzing complex network analyzing automatic package level analyzing comprehensive packet decoding 

9 ) Online Bank Management System 

This is an interesting Java project to create this project focuses on developing an online banking system the main aim is to create an online banking platform that is accessible from any location so that customers would not need to go to the bank for routine banking operations like money withdrawal money transfer banking etc., 

Online Bank Management System
Online Bank Management System

This online bank management application will provide the following services to customers.  customers can view their account details such as type of account available balance the interest rate on available loans credit or debit statements that Sandra from any remote location customers can check that transaction history that includes necessary information like transaction time type and the amount it will display the amount. On to deposit cash all the drone cash along with the date of the position all the draws.

10 ) Online Medical Management System

In conventional health gas service systems all medical management operations on Monday the problem is more pronounced in remote and rural areas that lack proper medical infrastructure qualified healthcare professionals and sophisticated medical equipment Furthermore there are no provisions for recording and storing medical data this online medical management system can help bridge all these problems by linking doctors and patients directly. 

The application has two modules- an admin module and a doctor module the ophthalmology who manages the online software system and the doctor module allows doctors to interact with patients anyone can access the services provided by the sap from any location via the internet only by working with tools and practice you can understand how infrastructures but in reality now go ahead and put to test all the knowledge that you've gathered to through Java projects guide to build your very own Java project.

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Why Java is so popular ?

Why Java is so popular? 

java language
java logo 

The four main reasons for java's popularity

  1. Platform independence
  2. Object-oriented 
  3. Secure
  4. Robust 

1) platform independence

 Java runs on WORA (writing once run anywhere) a Java code is compiled into an intermediate format (a.k.a.  bytecode), which is then executed in the Java virtual machine (JVM). so any system running a JVM can execute Java codes. Furthermore Java runtime environment (JRE) is compatible with all the three operating systems - Linux, macOS, and windows 

2) Object-oriented 

Java is the only object-oriented language. inspired by C and C++, Java extends the functionality of these languages to become pure an object-oriented programming language abstraction encapsulation inheritance and polymorphism awesome off its core OOP features. 

3) Secure

 when it comes to safety, java incorporate a host of safety features into runtime systems including runtime checking static type checking at the time of combined issue with these features in place it is pretty challenging to hack into a job application from an external source 

4) Robust

 Java language  a simple memory management model reinforced by the automatic garbage collection since Java objects do not require an external references Java codes on robust besides it also encourages developers to adopt productive programming habits for developing secure and reliable applications the more you experiment with different Java projects the more knowledge you gain. 

Standard the uses of Java 

Java is a versatile programming language and it finds applications in many areas of software and app development some of The most popular applications of java include to 

1) software tools 

Java is the backbone for the numerous softback tools.  it is widely used for both open source and commercial software projects.

 Eclipse, IntelliJ  IDEA, blueJ, Jdeveloper and NetBeans are IDE some of the most popular IDPs for creating Java applications and tools android applications Java is used for writing codes.

2) Android applications

Eclipse ID is perhaps the most extensively used development environment for writing and building android apps  Kotlin programming language designed explicitly for JVM and android platform is also heavily inspired by Java. 

3) Web applications 

Owing to its flexibility reliability and high performance Java is an excellent choice for developing web applications Java provides support for web applications via JSPs and Servlets. plus you can use Java web applications for building dynamic websites. 

4)scientific applications

 When it comes to scientific applications the Java is preferred over C++ since it boasts of a comprehensive suite for concurrency tools moreover Java codes are stable, secure, and robust, which is a prerequisite for scientific applications.

What is java programming language?.

What is language and Programming language?

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What are the advantages of cellular concept?

Advantage of cellular concept:

Advantage of cellular concept
mobile communication 

 1. Only a fixed number of channels frequency slots are required to be used. This is because the same frequencies can be used for multiple cells because of the principle of frequency re-use.

2. Large area can be covered.

3. Low power transmitters can be used as the cell area is small 

4. Every piece of subscriber equipment within a country or continent can be manufactured with the same set of channels so any mobile can be used anywhere.

Various radio system around the world

Various radio system around the world

Various radio systems around the world

 Everyone is familiar with a large number of mobile radio systems such as:

      1. TV remote control

      2. Cordless telephone

      3. Pagers

      4. Walky-Talky

      5. AC remote control

      6. Garage door opener

      7. Cellular phones

  • Each one of them is called as the mobile radio system but they are different as far as their cost, complexity, performance and type of service provided are concerned.

  • The term mobile is used to specify any radio terminal that can move during the operation at a rapid speed. The term portable is used for a radio device that can be handheld and used by a person who is walking.

  • Subscriber is the term used to define a mobile or portable user and the communication device of each subscriber is called a subscriber unit.

  • Users or mobiles are the terms used for describing a group of users in a wireless system.