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Mobile Radio System Around the World

Mobile Radio System Around the World

 A number of mobile radio standards have been developed for wireless systems throughout the world till date and many more will be developed in the years to come.

Mobile radio standards

  1.  AMPS 
  2.  NAMPS 
  3.  IS-95 
  4.  GSM 

  • All these mobile standard and developed in North America.
  • In 1979 a Japanese company named Nippon Telephone and Telegraph Company (NTT) implemented the world's first cellular telephone system
  • The European Total Access Cellular System (ETACS) was deployed 1985. The American system AMPs was almost identical to ETACS.
  • The earlier European systems were not compatible to one another because of different frequencies used and different communication protocols being used by them.
  • These systems are being replaced by the GSM (Global System for Mobile) system now. This system was developed in 1990 for the entire Europe in a new 900 MHz band. 
  • The GSM standard is worldwide accepted as the first universal digital system.

Feature and Standard of mobile Radio System
Feature and Standard of mobile Radio System

Full Form of  Mobile Radio System

  • PCS full form of  Personal Communication Services 
  • TDMA full form Time Division Multiple Access
  • FDMA full form Frequency Division Multiple Access
  • CDMA  full form Code Division Multiple Access 
  • BPSK full form  Binary Phase Shift Keying
  • QPSK full form Quadrature PSK

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