Friday, April 10, 2020

Advantage And Disadvantages of mobile Or Advantage and Disadvantages of mobile network

Advantage of mobile 

  • It is easy to portable. 
  • They support for interactive voice , internet , streaming  video , multimedia , and other broadband services .
  • Mobile in easy access Alarm , clock and watchers and more.
  • Mobile in easy access to social networking.
  • Ease of taking photo and video.
  • Easy monitoring while away. 
  • More productivity in work and personal life.

Disadvantages of mobile

  • Battery problems. 
  • More cost.

Advantage  of mobile network

  • They support for interactive voice, Internet, streaming video, multimedia, and other broadband services.
  • They provide a complete IP based mobile system.
  • They provide a better spectral efficiency in comparison to other networks.
  • They provide high speed and high data rates.
  • They support Ad-hoc and multi-hop networks.
  • Seamless network of multiple protocols and air interfaces.

Disadvantages of  mobile network

  • wireless systems are expensive.
  • The systems need more battery as compared to other  systems.
  • They are difficult to be implemented.
  • The hardware in designing systems is complicated.


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