Friday, January 29, 2021

Overview of space and Satellite

An overview of space and Satellite: 

  • Satellites are specifically made for telecommunication purpose. they're used for mobile applications like communication to ships, vehicles, planes, hand -held terminals and for TV and radio broadcasting. 
  • They are liable for providing these services to an assigned region (area) on the world . the facility and bandwidth of those satellites depend on the well-liked size of the footprint, complexity of the control protocol schemes and therefore the cost of ground stations. 
  • A satellite works most efficiently when the transmissions are focused with a desired area. When the world is concentrated , then the emissions don’t go outside that designated area and thus minimizing the interference to the opposite systems. 
  • This leads more efficient spectrum usage. Satellite’s antenna patterns play a crucial role and must be designed to best cover the designated geographic area (which is usually irregular in shape). 
  • Satellites should be designed by keeping in mind its usability for brief and future effects throughout its life time. 
  • The earth station should be during a position to regulate the satellite if it drifts from its orbit it's subjected to any quite drag from the external forces.
  •  Frequency Allocations for Satellite Services Allocating frequencies to satellite services may be a complicated process which needs international coordination and planning. this is often administered under the auspices of the International Telecommunication Union. 
  • To facilitate frequency planning, the planet is split into three regions:
  • Region 1: Europe, Africa, what was formerly the Soviet Union , and Mongolia 
  • Region 2: North and South America and Greenland 
  • Region 3: Asia (excluding region 1 areas), Australia, and the south west Pacific.
  • Within these regions, frequency bands are allocated to varied satellite services, although a given service could also be allocated different frequency bands in several regions. 
  • A number of the services provided by satellites are Fixed satellite service (FSS)- links for existing telephone networks Broadcasting satellite service (BSS)- direct broadcast satellite (DBS), direct-to-home (DTH) Mobile satellite services-land mobile, maritime mobile, and aeronautical mobile Navigational satellite services-global positioning systems Meteorological satellite service-search and rescue service.


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