Friday, February 12, 2021

Orbital Elements

 Orbital Elements:

  • Earth-orbiting artificial satellites are defined by six orbital elements referred to as the keplerian element set.  
  • Two of these, the semimajor axis a and the eccentricity e, give the shape of the ellipse.  
  • A third, the mean anomaly M0, gives the position of the satellite in its orbit at a reference time known as the epoch.
  •  A fourth, the argument of perigee, gives the rotation of the orbit’s perigee point relative to the orbit’s line of nodes in the earth’s equatorial plane.  
  • The remaining two elements, the inclination i and the right ascension of the ascending node, relate the orbital plane’s position to the earth
Apogee and Perigee Heights:
  • The length of the radius vectors at apogee and perigee can be obtained from the geometry of the ellipse: 

  • In order to find the apogee and perigee heights, the radius of the earth must be subtracted from the radii lengths, as shown in the following example.


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