Thursday, February 25, 2021

Webinar on "How to Build a Career in Data Analytics" with E-Certificate

 Free webinar from BOARD INFINITY in collaboration with Student Organization OASIS, and GeeksForGeeks-Chapter LPU brings webinar on How to Build a Career in Data Analytics.

DATE: 27/02/2020 

TIME: 04:30 PM onwards

VENUE: Youtube Channel of Board Infinity.

Registration link  (FREE): Click here

E- Certificate:- with E-Certificate from Board Infinity.

What you will learn:

  • What’s the driving force behind the demand for data science professionals, and what does top talent in this area look like according to leading businesses?.
  • What does the job market look like for data scientists? are there specific shortages and areas of need that might contribute to how a data scientist shapes their education and career path?.
  • What do you see as far as data scientist degrees being put to actual use and which ones are companies looking for most?.
  • What are companies looking for in a data scientist? what types of skills are most in-demand and helpful?.
  • How can data scientists make themselves more widely marketable in the industry? And many more.

About the Coach:- Mr. Mukesh Jain, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, VP Insights & Data Capgemini India (Ex-Microsoft, Ex-Jio).


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