Thursday, December 31, 2020

Advantage and application of Microwave frequency

Advantage of Microwave frequency-

  • Increase Bandwidth
  • Microwave is very useful since lower band of frequency is already crowded.
  • Improve Directivity Properties when  frequency increases directivity increases and bandwidth decreases.
  • At lower frequency band size of antenna become very large if it is require to get sharp beams of radiation.
  • At microwave frequency size of antenna is small providing the smaller bandwidth.
  • At microwave region gain increases.
  • Fadding effect is less
  • Power requirement is low
  • Transparency(easily propagated through ionosphere layer ) property of microwave.

Application of Microwave Frequency:

  • Communication: The use of Microwave for communication is because of there large bandwidth. Hence microwave widely used in telephone network, TV system etc.
  • Radar System: Property of reflection of microwave from metallic surface makes it practical to operate radar system.
  • Microwave frequencies are used in extremely fast computer operation.
  • Heating property of Microwave are used in Microwave Oven, Food Processing Industry, Drying Machine,etc.
  • Satellite Communication due to LOS (Line of Sight) Property of microwave.
  • In Medical application It is use for the cancer treatment.
  • It is used in Material Science for detection of cracks.   


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