Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Free Workshop on How to build Web Development project

Free Workshop on How to build Web Development project

Free webinar from PrepBytes , brings webinar on "How to build Web Development project " with COMPLETELY ONLINE WEBINAR.

  • What is Web Development and How to Start Building Projects?
  • How Project building can help you in getting Internships & Placements?
  • What are the Tools required in the Web
  • Development journey?
  • What is the difference between Front End and Back-End Development?
  • Which Frameworks should you learn for different Web Apps?
  • How to grab the best Web Developer job in Industry?

Date of Workshop :- 15th April 2021
Time :- Thursday 08:00 PM
Cost of Workshop :- Free
For Registration link and about :- Click Here

About the speaker :- Mamta Kumari Co-Founder, PrepBytes, Former SDE Amazon is here to answer all these questions and much more.

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About PrepBytes

PrepBytes is an initiative to help students in their placement preparations targeting Software development/engineering, Analyst & Product based roles in IT/Internet/Analytics companies. We are a team of graduates from IITS/NITS having work experience in fast paced start-ups & top companies across the globe. We know what is required for better placement preparations, where the gap is and ensure your success in placements.

Article Source :- PrepBytes

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