Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Various radio system around the world

Various radio systems around the world

 Everyone is familiar with a large number of mobile radio systems such as:

      1. TV remote control

      2. Cordless telephone

      3. Pagers

      4. Walky-Talky

      5. AC remote control

      6. Garage door opener

      7. Cellular phones

  • Each one of them is called as the mobile radio system but they are different as far as their cost, complexity, performance and type of service provided are concerned.

  • The term mobile is used to specify any radio terminal that can move during the operation at a rapid speed. The term portable is used for a radio device that can be handheld and used by a person who is walking.

  • Subscriber is the term used to define a mobile or portable user and the communication device of each subscriber is called a subscriber unit.

  • Users or mobiles are the terms used for describing a group of users in a wireless system.


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