Wednesday, July 7, 2021

What is JAVA and where is used ?

What is Java?

java language

 In the Interview, there will be always some Questions and one of them is " What is Java? " and this question is also important to know that what JAVA is and where it is used?  So let's start to know what JAVA is and where it is used? 


    JAVA is a High-Level Programming Language which is Easily Readable and Understandable also Intractable by a Human or Programmer. 

Where JAVA is used?

JAVA is used to create an application which can give much more functionality to use. 
The application which can be used in any platform.

    JAVA is used to create Games.

    JAVA is used for security. Because JAVA provides a highly secured environment.

Mobile Development:
    JAVA is used to develop a mobile interface which is used to display all the function we can use to run any mobile. It is also used to create GUI (Graphical User Interface) for all the platforms. 


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