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Why Java is so popular ?

Why Java is so popular? 

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The four main reasons for java's popularity

  1. Platform independence
  2. Object-oriented 
  3. Secure
  4. Robust 

1) platform independence

 Java runs on WORA (writing once run anywhere) a Java code is compiled into an intermediate format (a.k.a.  bytecode), which is then executed in the Java virtual machine (JVM). so any system running a JVM can execute Java codes. Furthermore Java runtime environment (JRE) is compatible with all the three operating systems - Linux, macOS, and windows 

2) Object-oriented 

Java is the only object-oriented language. inspired by C and C++, Java extends the functionality of these languages to become pure an object-oriented programming language abstraction encapsulation inheritance and polymorphism awesome off its core OOP features. 

3) Secure

 when it comes to safety, java incorporate a host of safety features into runtime systems including runtime checking static type checking at the time of combined issue with these features in place it is pretty challenging to hack into a job application from an external source 

4) Robust

 Java language  a simple memory management model reinforced by the automatic garbage collection since Java objects do not require an external references Java codes on robust besides it also encourages developers to adopt productive programming habits for developing secure and reliable applications the more you experiment with different Java projects the more knowledge you gain. 

Standard the uses of Java 

Java is a versatile programming language and it finds applications in many areas of software and app development some of The most popular applications of java include to 

1) software tools 

Java is the backbone for the numerous softback tools.  it is widely used for both open source and commercial software projects.

 Eclipse, IntelliJ  IDEA, blueJ, Jdeveloper and NetBeans are IDE some of the most popular IDPs for creating Java applications and tools android applications Java is used for writing codes.

2) Android applications

Eclipse ID is perhaps the most extensively used development environment for writing and building android apps  Kotlin programming language designed explicitly for JVM and android platform is also heavily inspired by Java. 

3) Web applications 

Owing to its flexibility reliability and high performance Java is an excellent choice for developing web applications Java provides support for web applications via JSPs and Servlets. plus you can use Java web applications for building dynamic websites. 

4)scientific applications

 When it comes to scientific applications the Java is preferred over C++ since it boasts of a comprehensive suite for concurrency tools moreover Java codes are stable, secure, and robust, which is a prerequisite for scientific applications.

What is java programming language?.

What is language and Programming language?


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