Thursday, July 22, 2021

How To become a Java Developer

 Java Learning Path | How To become a Java Developer

Hello everyone welcome to The Technical Talk if you're someone who's looking for a job as a Java developer a someone who's just trying to improve skills in Java you might have a lot of questions in your mind like is it even relevant to learn Java in 2021. however, your career growing Java is too late, and most importantly.

I start from and what is the correct way to go about it. Now if you're looking for answers to these questions you have arrived at the right place.

  I'm going to help you get some clarity on a path that can be of great help in your career growth as a Java developer. In the article topics. 

  1. Why To  Learn Java
  2. Scope and the benefits of various sectors. 
  3. Learning parts to achieve your goals.

So the big question is with so many technologies, frameworks languages that are trending these days, should you still have options for Java? A clear answer to this is yes and there are multiple reasons as to why I see this. 

  1. The first reason is that the market is used for any level, be it fresher and intermediate level. There are a lot of job opportunities for Java developers. 

  1. There are a lot of resources and expediency but in Java, as compared to other languages & frameworks so obviously at the beginning you don't want to get stuck anywhere and if you do these resources are going to help you out in your learning process.

  2. Thread's most important reason is that many of the languages and frameworks are based on Java so once you learn Java learning other things like spring framework kotlin language etc. if you want to shift to any of the technologies at any point of time it is going to be easier after learning Java. So learning Java is still relevant and benefits and has a vast ocean of opportunities. 

Opportunities In Technical Terms

Java developer, the first and the most preferred one is so with that development you 

  1. Server-side /cloud /web application development.  
  2. Android Application development
  3. Desktop application development.
  4. Big data AI and machine learning. 

About these fields first is because once you know the end goal of choosing your career but is easier and choosing what to learn it's clear now Java in big data AI machine learning is still evolving and as a beginner, you might not want to go there. Similarly for desktop applications again scope is limited, to begin with, you can but it might not turn out to be an ideal choice so we are left with two choices your android development and server-side development I know it has you would score with many promising career opportunities. Android needs to learn  Kotlin or Java language and android APIs obviously are the ideal option again is to learn Java first and Kotlin then deep dive into android.

So first and foremost If you're completely new you have to start with core Java concerts right from the basics like starting with setting up Java, understanding what is an IDE, choosing your ideal IDE mostly preferred is eclipse so you have to understand these concepts first. 

 then the next step is to get your hands dirty on eclipse.

Play around eclipse IDE see how things work. after which you have to focus on how Java works with the processor compiler JVM etc. Once you know this part start understanding the syntax that means the building blocks of any programming language that does data types variables operators etc. then take some time to understand the object-oriented concepts like inheritance polymorphism and so on in detail then we come to major concepts that are used in real-time projects like collection framework multithreading exception handling and so on.

Now why you're doing this, one important thing you must do is practice the court. Remember practice is a must and a good developer is good at his development skills because he has done a lot of practice. It is important to develop your logic by practicing. 


If you have any doubts,please let me know