Thursday, August 5, 2021

What is JDK? What is JRE? What is JVM?

 What is JDK?  What is JRE? What is JVM?

Today we will see what is JDK, JRE, and JVM all these terms and a few more-
    JAVA is high-level programming that is platform-independent. These platforms are what we call it as Laptop, PC, Mobile. Because of JVM. 
To use the JAVA development environment we have to have JDK in our system. 

JDK (JAVA Development Kit):

  • JDK stands for JAVA Development Kit. 
  • It provides an environment to develop and run/execute java byte code.
  • JDK consists of Development tools and JRE.
  • JDK physically exist in our system.

JRE (JAVA Run-Time Environment):

  • JRE stands for JAVA Run-Time Environment.
  • It provides an environment to run/execute java byte code.
  • It consists of JVM and in-built Libraries.
  • JRE physically exists.

JVM (JAVA Virtual Machine):

  • JVM stands for JAVA Virtual Machine.
  • It takes byte code as input and gives binary code as output.
  • JVM is platform dependent but JVM makes JAVA as Platform Independent.
  • JVM has an Interpreter and JIT in it.
  • JVM physically does not exist.


  • The interpreter interprets(Compile and Executes) JAVA byte code line simultaneously.
  • That leads to poor performance.

JIT(Just-in-Time Compiler):

  • JIT stands for Just-in-Time Compiler.
  • It is used to increase the speed of execution
  • It compiles part of byte code having similar functionality.
  • Because of that, it gets a boost in execution speed that also leads to fast execution of the program.
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